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Top Harness

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    Frivola +€10.00
    Costellar +€10.00
    Spring +€10.00
    Solol +€10.00
    Bridge +€10.00
    Sport +€10.00
    Eviler +€10.00
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    High resistance silicone
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    Extra Belt(+€20.00)
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    Horse Power (M)(+€6.00)
    Horse Power (L)(+€6.00)
    Horse Power (XL)
    Evil Dolphin (XS)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (S)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (M)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (L)
    Evil Dolphin (XL)
    Impaler (XS)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (S)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (M)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (L)
    Impaler (XL)
    Balldog (XS)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (S)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (M)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (L)
    Balldog (XL)
    Vulkano (XS)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (S)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (M)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (L)
    Vulkano (XL)
    Round Robin (S)(+€6.00)
    Round Robin (M)(+€6.00)
    Round Robin (L)(+€6.00)
    Khun (XS)(+€6.00)
    Khun (S)(+€6.00)
    Khun (M)(+€6.00)
    Khun (L)(+€6.00)
    Khun (XL)(+€6.00)

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€139.00 (≈€139.00)
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If you are looking for a harness / strap-on, our Top Harness is simply one of the Best Strap On Harness on the market. The Harness is created totally in platinum cured high resistance silicone (except for the buckles). The material is still enough flexible to adapt to the shape of you body. Our innovative system to hold a dildo gives total control of the toys and allows intense action as never before.
Comparing to leather, our harness does not give any kind of irritation or discomfort when you wear it and holds the dildo perfectly.
You can use our harness with all our silicone dildo, for any size except XS, you just need to select a proper adapter from the list. All XL sizes do not need an adapter, they can be handled directly on the harness. You can buy our Strap On Harness Online from the Ready Made list, or configure yours. You can also use the Top Harness with other toys, just select the adapter with the correct dimension, but remember do not let the harness come into contact with a silicone lubricant!
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