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Available programs

- 10 euro discount for your users with 20% revenue for you
Everyone that use this kind of promotion gets 10 euro discount and you get 20% revenue share. The user will be linked to your account lifetime, you get 20% revenue also from future sales!

- 10% discount for your users and 25e for you
Everyone that use this kind of promotion code gets 10%  discount and you get 25€ (even on a purchase lower that 25€). 

You also get you personal promo code, discount starts from 25% and arrives until 100% (it is at our discretion)



- Register a normal account than click on Switch to Influencer  fill our your social network accounts and your main website (if you have it) and Send The Request. For your social accounts you need to add your nickname.
- If the request will be approved, we will send you an email (usually in 1-2 days)
- Now fill out your personal information and your paypal address and draw your signature on the agreement.
- Now your account is ready, click on Influencer Dashboard.
Promotional Tools

After you completed the registration and your account will be aproved, you will be able to generate how much campaigns you wish, fo example one campaign for your social network account and a different campaign for your own website, in this way you can analyze your traffic and "tune" your promotion for increase your sales. Go to Create New Campaign , Fill out the infromation about your campain. You can configure your promo code with your own name if you wish and Save. Now go to Campaign , copy your "Link Code" and place the link where you wish into your website. 


For each campaign you create, you can grab a banner, just go to  Campaign  and than clicks on "Show Banner" of the campaign you wish to promote.  

Twitter Promotion
Connect your twitter account to our website, select how many post you want to have on daily or weekly base, input the name of the account with who you cooperate, than just sit and count the money, we will post on yout timeline in the moment your traffic is more intense.

Our script post on your timeline from a wide tatabase of "post" with different text, different images and different videos, in the way you can have every time fresh and unique content on your timeline.



Create your own wishlist, when a costumer will make a purchase, you will get the items. You can promote your own wishlist (or other wishlist) and get a cut when someone makes a purchase (and of course you still get the goods). After you create a wishlist go to Shop, select the item you want to add to the wishlist. Setup dimesion and colors, than you will see a button "Add To Wishlist" close to "Add to Cart". Click on the button and the item will be added to your wishlist. After, you can create a campain for your wishlist and save it. Than go to Campain, find the campain you just created, select a direct link to your wishlist and grab the code. Place the code where you wish and you are done!



Linkcodes and banners track your traffic and also place the Promo Code into the appropriate field, the user does not need to remember the code, we do the job. Promo Code can be used without any promotial link, it still associate the sale to your account. Theoretically you could just promote the Promo Code without to use the Linkcode, but we suggest you to every time associate to any advertising the linkcode as if allows you to track your traffic and understand what of your campaigns sells better



Payment are done monthly to your paypal account. Minimum payout is 100€. Example: if sales between 1st and 31st May are over your minimim payout, our script will group the sales into a payment on June 1st. Payment will be done in 5 working day from when the sales are grouped into a monthly total. If you do not reach the minimim payout, the money will be added to the following month

Register one account now and than login. Fill out the application to became an influencer, the account is usually approved in 1-2 days

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