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Giorgio Grandi

This is the deal:
1 - you buy the toy and TheWonderToys will send it to me
2 - I will use the toy in my movie and I will give it back to TheWonderToys (you can contact me on twitter after the purchase and suggest me a model you would like to see with the toy, I will try to make you happy, but I do not guarantee I will be able to use the toy with the model you suggest.
3 - I will wrap the toy after the shooting and I will give it back to TheWonderToys.
4 - TheWonderToys will send it to you.

Have Fun!

Thank you
Giorgio Grandi

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Tarra White

Sex is fun and I love anal sex, I love very soft toys and sometimes not so small )))

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Hello, I am Lara De Santis, I am an Italian Pornstar and I love anal sex. Spoil me with my favorite toys, I will be happy to post free videos on my social channels when I will test them! LoL

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Love You My Fans.

You want a new video with a great toy? Surprise me, give me a present.
I hope you're okay! Kisses!!! Enjoy me! Thank you)

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Favorite Toys

List of toys I have tried and they gave me infinite pleasure.

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let's play?
I am the Spanish Pornstar Noa Tavez.
I like everything about sex, specially I like toys

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Francys Belle Favorit Toys

That's what I like to try

  • Total Product : 3
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Zeus Amaro

I am a Polish model work with porn stars and I personally like toys, you can be with me, play with my list on an online account or watch a video used especially for you with this toy I want this hot

  • Total Product : 6
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Fun Play

hot fun and big

  • Total Product : 5
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