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Horse Power

If you want to Buy Horse Dildo Online, than the Horse Power is the toy you should buy. The Horse Power Realistic Sex Toy has the real shape and proportion of the cock of a horse. It is available in 3 different size, the main sizes of real horses. Pony (Size M), foal (size L) and large horse (size XL). Horse Power is the only Double Density Horse Dildo you can find Online and it is totally handmade. To Buy our Double Density Horse Dildo, means you can really use it with our strap-on, as if you select to have an internal core, it keeps being enough rigid when your mistress wear it without to look "Hard-Boiled". Instead it looks powerful and hard, like a Realistic Horse Dildo. You can buy a Ready Made or configure your own. The possibility of color combination is handles and you can use your fantasy to create a unique combination at The Wonder toys
  • Size "size chart" Select


    Select the size of the toy you wish to purchase.
  • Hardness of the core Select

    Hardness of the core

    Select if you want a toy with an harder core or without.

    Click on *?* to read some tips!
    As the surface(+€10.00)
    Less Flexible(+€10.00)
    Semi Rigid(+€10.00)
  • Hardness of the surface Select

    Hardness of the surface

    Select what surface you wish for your toy.

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    Very Soft
  • Accessories Select


    Select how many accessories you wish, multiple selection are allowed!

    Click on *?* to read some tips!
    Cum Squirt(+€12.00)
    Clear Lube(+€4.90)
    Cum Slime(+€6.30)
    Toy Cleaner(+€9.10)
  • Select A Standard Design Select

    Select A Standard Design

    Natural +€10.00
    Otis +€10.00
    Western +€10.00
    Bokovka +€10.00
    Aperitiv +€10.00
    Neighbor +€10.00
    Tomino Boy +€10.00
    Šemík +€10.00
    3rd Hand +€10.00
    Drama Queen +€10.00
    Asap Božena +€10.00
    Eso Rimmer +€10.00
    Popelka +€10.00
    Igor The Reaper +€10.00
    Whoopa +€10.00
    Pop +€10.00
    Glory +€10.00
    Pencil +€10.00
  • Total Color Customization Select

    Total Color Customization


    Step #1

    Choose Horse Shaft up Color

    Solid (1 Color)
    Spotted (2 Colors)
    Standard Glittering
    Glowing Glittering

Your configuration

Total Price
€144.00 (≈€144.00)
Click on start to configure your toy
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