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Dap Addict

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    Signature +€15.00
    Xmas Night +€10.00
    Pearlescent Sunset +€10.00
    Rainbow +€10.00
    Corralo +€10.00
    Destiny +€10.00
    Boboa +€10.00
    Warden +€10.00
    Solomon +€10.00
    Evok +€10.00
    Forest +€10.00
    Rubico +€10.00
    Murrica +€10.00
    Quilla +€10.00
    Petsie +€10.00
    Hrote +€10.00
    Siamic +€10.00
    Justice +€10.00
    Wild Boys +€10.00
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    Very Soft
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    Clear Lube(+€4.90)
    Cum Slime(+€6.30)
    Toy Cleaner(+€9.10)

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If you are looking for a Double Anal Dildo, than you have to buy our Realistic Double Dildo. We call it "Dap-Addict" and we developed this Handmade Double Dildo to praise a old friend of our boss that is addicted to Double Anal Penetration also with Toys. Each shaft of the dildo can bend until they touch each other creating the exact shape of 2 real dicks that would penetrate together in the ass. The incredible shape of "Dap-Addict" can allow also the penetration into two different holes at the same time, also of 2 different persons, creating a wide range of combination to have fun with your partner enjoying the possibility to ride together the same time staying very close to each other. You can not find anything like our Double Dildo Online, it is unique and special. Feel free to configure your own with the colors you like the more, or buy a ready made from our list of Ready Made Handmade toys
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