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Butt Cleaner

Are you tired of using the clisma to "prepare" yourself for anal sex?
Butt Cleaner is the most comfortable and hygienic solution you can find on the market. Detach the shower head from the hose and connect the hose directly to the Butt Cleaner. Make sure the hose is long enough to reach the toilet. Adjust the flow and temperature of the water in a moderate manner, sit on the toilet, lubricate the anus and intert the Butt Cleaner in the rectum for a few seconds. Remove the Butt Cleaner and proceed to drain. Repeat until the drained liquid is clear. Do not get up during the procedure, if you get up the water introduced could rise up into the intestine making the anal preparation more complicated.
You can use it directly in the shower by squatting (if the rectum has already been evacuated naturally), for the final cleaning before an anal intercourse.
Butt cleaner has 6 lateral and one frontal exit holes so it not just spray the rectum, but it ensures that the flow of water acts on the walls, removing any residual faeces.
Use our Toy Cleaner to clean the Butt Cleaner before using it and wash the Butt Cleaner with hot water and soap after use.
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