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    Horse Power (M)(+€6.00)
    Horse Power (L)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (XS)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (S)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (M)(+€6.00)
    Evil Dolphin (L)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (XS)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (S)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (M)(+€6.00)
    Impaler (L)
    Balldog (XS)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (S)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (M)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (L)(+€6.00)
    Balldog (XL)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (XS)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (S)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (M)(+€6.00)
    Vulkano (L)(+€6.00)
    Round Robin (S)(+€6.00)
    Round Robin (M)(+€6.00)
    Round Robin (L)(+€6.00)
    Khun (XS)(+€6.00)
    Khun (S)(+€6.00)
    Khun (M)(+€6.00)
    Khun (L)(+€6.00)

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Adapter allows to mount on our Top Harness strapon basically any of our toys. You can also use the adapters to mount on our Top Harness any other toy, just take the measure of the diameter at the "base of the shaft" and compare it with some of our toys to understand to what toy and size it match. For example compare the diameter of the base of the shaft of your toy with our Vulkano. Check to what size it matches and purchase the corresponding adapter.
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