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Hassle free Customs in the USA

From 1st November 2019 all orders from USA will be handled from our warehouse in Indianapolis (ind). This will avoid any custums relates issues and duty to our American customers as the package will be sent from USA and not from Czech Republic. 

In the next weeks we will fill out the warehouse with plenty of Ready Made toys, Lubes, Silicone, Kits to mold the dicks, lingerie etc. Our intention is to offer "customs hassle free" to all the the package and very fast delivery time for all the items except the custom made.

The custom made toys will be sent from Czech Republic to our warehouse in Indianapolis and from there the package will be sent to the customer (adding eventually other items that are part of the order). This will increase the delivery time for about 2-3 days, but on the other side will cancel any customs related paperwork and payment.

Have fun with out toys and keep following us.

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