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Mold my Dick

How many time did you ask yourself:
How can I Make A Copy Of My Dick?
How can I Make A Clone Of My Dick?
Now you can make a professional and perfect mold of you dick using professional tools.

How to chose your kit:

First all all, you need to measure you dick.
Measure the Length: measure the distance between your groin and the tip of the dick (your dick has to be fully erected). If the shape of your dick is not straight, measure the longest side. Note the number
Measure the Width: measures the approximate diameter of the dick at the widest point. Note the number.
Now sum the Length and the Width and note the number, this is your Size Factor.

Standard Size: select this if your Size Factor is between 0 and 19 cm (0 to 7.5 inch)
Big Size: select this if your Size Factor is included between 19.1 and 22.8 cm (7.51 to 8.9 inch)
Monster Size: select this if your Size Factor is included between 22.9 and 27 cm (8 to 10.6 inch)

If your size factor is over 27.1 cm (over 10.7 inch), contact us and we will provide you a perfect kit for your super monster dick!

Mold My Dick came with detailed instructions and suggestions to create a perfect copy of a dick!
The kit contains:
- Two-component anallergic silicone cream to create the mold
- Alginate to make a plaster copy
- Sandpaper to smooth and correct the plaster copy
- Two-component silicone for making the copy of the dick
- 2 wooden spatulas
- 1 plastic spatula
- Colorant (optional)
Total Price
€30.00 (≈€30.00)
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