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We create handmade dream toys with the best italian silicone. Our toys are manufactured in Czech Republic

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After 15 years of experience of adult movies production, we decide to use our know-how to create incredible adult toys

Platinum Cured Silicone

We produce our toys only with platinum cured hypoallergenic silicone rubbers manufactured in Italy. This material is completely inert and it does not react with your skin or mucous.

In-house production

We produce and manufacture all our toys "in-house", our company is located in Czech Republic, close to Prague

Molding Procedure

All our items are manufactured with molds made with the same silicone rubber we use for the toys, This guarantee the silicone will not absorbe any phosphates during the curing process..

Stylish Design

We desgn our toys and we produce the molds used for the production. Our standard design is unique and we provide differnet softness.

Double Density

You can chose to buy double density toys, means that even the more softer to the touch can have different firmness of the core


You can customize our toys chosing between different, size, firmness of the core, firmness of the surface, colors, and different style of decorations..

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